Welcome to CAZZ Snare
Detailaufnahmen einer CAZZ Snaredrum
   Close-up of a CAZZ Snaredrum
We produce individual snare Drums in traditional barrel design!
Our custom snares are handmade in Germany from local wood - and at a price for the instruments which makes it affordable even for "non-professionals”. That’s not because of the materials being used.


Zuschneiden des Rohlings 
Cutting the blank
"Our timber has naturally dried for at least 6 years" explains Holger Steuding, the man behind CAZZ.
"I'm looking for the wood by myself, from a few local timber merchants. Meanwhile, these know what I value."
Beech is preferred for use, but also much more oak, ash, elm, wild cherry or mahogany and much more are occasionally processed. The hardware does not come off the shelf. For example, all Lugs and tuning screws for CAZZ are equipped with fine thread.
And why the technically complicated barrel design? SSD is convinced that the sound can much better develop in perpendicular arranged, solid wood segments than “plywood” instruments. "Direct, precise, without a long reverberation time - that's the sound I strive with my distinctive block-Snares." At the moment, the instruments from the house CAZZ are an insider tip. But that will probably change with this quality soon.
Wir fertigen in sämtlichen Farben - teilen Sie uns Ihre wünschen mit!
We produce in all colors - let us know your wish with!
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