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We deliver high quality and customized handmade snare drums. Each of our custom snares is unique. The sound is determined, among other things, by the type of wood.

Here is a listing of the wood with sound description:


  • Maple - Hot reverberant sound in the middle, treble and bass slightly weaker
  • Mahogany - Like maple, but about 20% more bass
  • Birch - About 10% less bass than maple and 20% more resonance in treble (harder, clear)
  • Beech -Between maple and birch
  • Walnut - Robust sound, powerful in the low range
  • Cherry - Warm sound, excellent in mid-frequency
  • Oak - variable depending on thickness of shell
  • Ash -elm - good bass, clear treble (when bearing edges)



At Cazz Snare Drums, the shell tone is determined and noted in the snare, this allows you to tune your CAZZ Snare optimal and faster.

Feinarbeit - einzelne Arbeitsschritte z.B. Abstimmen des Kesseltons
Precise working - individual steps, e.g. tone-tuning the shells
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